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What is self hypnosis

HypnoBirthing® is becoming more widely spoken about in the media (*click here for a list of where it has been featured) and is supported by the Royal College of Midwives. However, only a small percentage of expectant mothers have heard about HypnoBirthing® and many of these (and particularly their husbands) can be very skeptical at first.

Unfortunately, stage and television hypnosis has given many people a negative and mistaken view of hypnotherapy. You are probably thinking of a stage hypnotist (as opposed to a hypnotherapist ) making people bark like a dog, kiss the person next to them or believe they're naked in public.

This is not what HypnoBirthing® is about. Hypnosis is simply a feeling of relaxed concentration, just like when you're absorbed in a good book. If the book is a really good one, you're still awake, and aware of what's going on around you - but you just 'tune out' the distractions.

A person will only go into hypnosis if they give themselves permission to do so. Being in hypnosis does not allow another to control a persons mind. In fact a birthing mum in hypnosis is in total control of her birth and body, she will be completely aware of her surroundings but it will not effect her ability to stay relaxed and in control.

"When I became pregnant I knew I wanted to avoid medical intervention as much as possible. A friend told me about HypnoBirthing® and my initial thought was that is sounded a bit 'hippy-dippy' and that I didn't want to be hyponotised and made to do something I didn't want to do. However, once I heard her birth story I wanted to find out more. My husband and I enrolled on the course and were converted by the end of the first session. After a three-hour labour at home with no pain relief whatsoever, I can truly say that the friend who told me about HypnoBirthing® gave me the most amazing gift ever." Natalie T, Chingford
"I was a total skeptic until we finished our first class by which time I was a complete convert and have even recommended HypnoBirthing ® to two more expectant fathers!' Iain B, Loughton
"What an amazing experience for both my partner and I. When Betty, our midwife, suggested trying HypnoBirthing at 36 weeks, I was skeptical of how effective it could be. I come from a medical background and didn't consider myself to be very 'alternative'. But when someone with Betty's experience suggested this may work, I thought there must be something in it." Tracey D, Theydon Bois
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What is self hypnosis?
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