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Coffee Mornings

We hold a coffee morning twice a month for our families.  It is usually the first Wednesday and the second or third Monday in the month.  If you are considering HypnoBirthing and would like to come and meet some of our mums or for more details of our coffee morning please contact us . We sometimes have guest speakers coming to talk about their services, like Baby Massage Therapists, Baby Signing teachers etc.

All coffee mornings will be held in Theydon Mount from 9:30 - 12:30

For directions or maps please contact us

Wednesday 4/3/09 - Kellie Matthews - Baby Massage
Monday 16/3/09
Wednesday 1/4/09 - Eve Stanway - Baby Signing
Monday 20/4/09
Wednesday 6/5/09
Monday 18/5/09
Wednesday 3/6/09
Monday 15/6/09
Wednesday 1/7/09
Monday 13/7/09
Wednesday 6/8/09
Monday 17/8/09
Wednesday 2/9/09
Monday 21/9/09
Wednesday 7/10/09
Monday 19/10/09
Wednesday 4/11/09
Monday 16/11/09
Wednesday 2/12/09
Monday 18/1/10

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