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Jackie FletcherHi, my name is Jackie Fletcher. In 2001, I decided to pursue a new career as a hypnotherapist after quitting my extremely stressful job in a passenger car and courier company.

Shortly after, I conceived twins and during my pregnancy I decided that it would be lovely to specialise in birth. I used hypnotherapy all through my pregnancy and I always maintain that it is because of this that my boys are happy and contented and have always slept and eaten well. 

I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and am a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In 2003 I trained as a HypnoBirthing® practitioner and was one of the first people in the UK to qualify.  Since then, I have taught HypnoBirthing® techniques to over 100 couples .

I have also trained in energy medicine Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which I love using on myself, my children and with clients.  As well as working on a one to one basis with clients using EFT, I run workshops teaching people how to use EFT in their daily life. EFT is excellent for clearing any birth trauma both for parents and baby.

In 2007, I took a doula information course with the world renowned French obstetrician Michel Odent. I joined Doula UK in February 2008 as a "trainee doula" and attended my first "official" birth as a doula in April.

One of the best bits about my job is hearing my clients' birth stories shortly after their babies are born. I hold monthly coffee mornings for all my families, which means I get lots of cuddles and am able to see many of the babies grow into happy and calm toddlers!.

Many of the couples that come to me are recommendations from clients, which is a great compliment. I believe this is down to my lively and entertaining teaching style and the fact that my passion for HypnoBirthing® is so evident.

I can't promise you a 'perfect' birth - no one can - but I can promise you a much more comfortable and relaxed birth than you would have without HypnoBirthing®. Even if you experience complications - perhaps needing to be induced, or if you need a caesarean - you can still benefit greatly from the techniques by feeling in control of your birth.

"My experience of giving birth was amazing, my daughter is lovely, since day one she slept at night and is alert and contented during the day (again a midwife commented on this and wondered if it was due to having a great birth).  Paul and I would like to thank Jackie for her support and for passing on the skills that I really believe made such a huge difference to our birth experience which in turn has made a huge difference to our lives. "
Emma K, Ongar
"Many thanks for al the hard work preparation and chocolate biscuits you gave us to ensure we had a fearless, happy and relaxed birthing experience."
Justina J, Wanstead
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