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HypnoBirthing - Ante Natal Classes
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The advantages of HypnoBirthing®

Throughout pregnancy

• Releases any fears you may have about the birth beforehand so you are able to concentrate on having the birth experience you want -

" HypnoBirthing ® enabled us to have a relaxed final few weeks of pregnancy and a lovely, calm, pain free labour and birth. We cannot recommend it enough.' Christine B, Loughton

• Teaches you how to get your baby into the perfect position for birth

"baby was in a awkward position and was causing me a lot of pain and the doctors had told me there wasn't anything they could.  Incorporating the techniques Jackie showed us, baby moved off my back and remained in a great position for the rest of the pregnancy." Claire C, South Woodford

•  More relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy

"I enjoyed my HypnoBirthing® course so much that I sailed through the rest of my pregnancy. I felt very positive about the birth and was so excited as I couldn't wait to put everything I had learnt into practice. I wasn't disappointed." Natalie T, Chingford

•  Develops confidence in your own body to aim for a homebirth if that is an option you want to consider -

"My doctor and midwife discouraged me from having a home birth as a first time mum, but I didn't want to go to hospital. After the HypnoBirthing® course I realised I could have the birth I wanted and so at 35 weeks I told my midwife my decision. Surprisingly, she was incredibly supportive and five weeks later she delivered my daughter at home after a three hour labour with no pain relief." Sue S, Highams Park

•  Baby more likely to go to full term -

•  During labour

•  Dramatically minimises discomfort -

"Just seven hours after the birthing started and with no pain control at all - I had a completely natural birth. I feel very proud, grateful and very fortunate to have been able to do this. The whole experience was just wonderful - a fabulous start to our new life together." Katie H, Walthamstow

•  Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical pain relief

" HypnoBirthing ® removes the fear, reducing pain and making birth more comfortable. Even obstetricians are appreciating its positive aspects."
Betty Kellett, Midwife, MBE for Midwifery Services

•  Shortens the first stage of labour by several hours

"When I take my ladies to the hospital, I tell the staff this is a HypnoBirthing ® lady and they know that labour progress much quicker so they are much more aware that it may be more advanced than it seems from just looking at the mother."   Betty Kellett, Midwife, MBE for Midwifery Services

•  Special, integral role for the birth partner

" Pete said he really liked the role he had and was pleased that he could offer some practical help other than saying 'well done dear ! "- Jo H, South Woodford

•  Reduces the risk of tearing or episiotomy and therefore the need to have stitches

•  Babies often experience none or less trauma during the birth

Post labour

•  Encourages bonding between baby, parents and siblings

•  Babies tend to be calmer, healthier, feed better and sleep better -

" Maria has been a remarkably alert baby from the minute she was born (other mums have commented on this) we think it is in part due to her being born naturally which HypnoBirthing ® allowed us to have." Reyes A, Walthamstow

•  Mums recover physically from the birth much faster

•  Dramatically reduces likelihood of suffering from post-natal depression

•  Relaxation techniques learnt can be used after the birth, both with the baby and in other areas of your life such as work

"I often find myself using the breathing and relaxation techniques on my commute to work and during meetings. It is only now that I realise how stressed I used to get but now I try and relax more and not let things trouble me as much." Natalie T, Chingford

•  More likely to have a positive experience of birthing and therefore not anxious about subsequent pregnancies and births -

" I found the HypnoBirthing Classes before the birth to be immensely valuable and they reinforced my own ideas of birthing as being a calm and natural process. I was completely relaxed about going into labour and had no worries about either labour or delivery." - Annya H, Lee

"He is a really happy little chap - a typical hypnobirthing baby!"
Claire H, Wanstead
Pete said he really liked the role he had and was pleased that he could offer some practical help other than saying 'well done dear'!  -
Jo H, South Woodford


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